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Who Would You Nominate as a Legend of Flow?

Flow Research is partnering with Flow Control Magazine to recognize people who have made important contributions to flow measurement.

Each year, beginning in 2017, one or more awards will be presented at the Measurement, Control, and Automation Association (MCAA) annual meeting. You can nominate someone, past or present, for consideration. Nominations can be made until January 20, 2017. Award recipients will then be determined by an Executive Board of experts in the field of flow measurement.

A Legend of Flow is someone who has: 

  • contributed to flow theory
  • authored patents on flow measurement
  • written books on flow measurement
  • or otherwise made important contributions to the field.

Daniel Bernoulli

To make a nomination, please fill out the form below. It will be submitted via your dedicated email client. If your web-based email client does not allow this, please email your nomination directly to: jesse@flowresearch.com


Nominate a Legend of Flow

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This form creates an email with the information you've specified above and sends it to Flow Research. After clicking the button below, you may see a message box asking you for permission to create an email. Please follow the prompts to Allow this form to be sent. If you do not have a dedicated email client, please send comments directly to Jesse@flowresearch.com.


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